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Panels & Structures

The „Offensive Mittelstand“ has structures and panels to organize its work.

The „Strategiekreis“ is the panel for decision making. It sets the strategy for the common action as well as for the transfer. The panel promotes the cooperation between the OM-Partners and the possibilities and potentials of working together. Decisions are made in consensus, never against the interests of OM-Partners. The „Strategiekreis” meets twice a year.

All OM-Partners get invited to the „AG Transfer”, meeting five times a year (mostly online). The goal is to make more OM-Partners and networks participate in transfer activities. The decisions of the „Strategiekreis” are being prepared and implemented. Also the „AG Transfer” coordinates the OM-projects, the work of the networks in the regions as well as the collaboration between networks and OM-Partners.

The „Offensive Mittelstand” has different professional groups that deal with specific topics. Right now there are four of these groups, working on the following topics:

  • Occupational Health Management
  • Europe – Chances for Securing Skilled Labour
  • Handicraft
  • Quality Assurance

The regional networks of the „Offensive Mittelstand” offer a platform for exchange in the regions. The partners get to know each other and learn about the mutual competences. This facilitates cooperations and the identification of synergies.