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The system of the OM-Checks (OM-Praxis A-1.0 to B-2)

The OM-Partners jointly developed and passed the OM-Checks (OM-Praxis A-1.0 to B-2). In these OM-Checks, they describe their common vision regarding productive management considering health and safety standards. The OM-Checks (OM-Praxis A-1.0 to B-2) work as practical standards and allow SMEs to use their potential regarding the particular topic of the OM-Check.

The following image shows all OM-Checks developed by the Partners. Originally, the checks are being developped in German. The British flags show which of the checks are available in English.

The particularity of the OM-Checks (OM-Praxis A-1.0 to B-2)

  • Self-assessment-tools as Checks are developed and passed in consent of all OM-Partners
  • All Checks follow the same system and methodology (focus on the value-added process, continuous improvement, description of good practice/status of work science, each topic on two pages, print and online)
  • Offer a low threshold access to the specific topic
  • Each company can fill in a self-declaration after completing the Check and thus document its structured activities on the particular topic („CE for the Management“).
  • Further tools for help as part of the Online-Tool