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INQA-Check „Health“ (OM-Praxis A-2.3)

Utilizing the Potentials for a Healthy Enterprise – Self-Assessment for Enterprises


The health of the employees is the basis for a healthy company. This is substantiated by many good and successful companies. The INQA-Check “Health" shows how good companies promote and utilize the health of their employees for the company success. It summarizes the experiences of these successful and innovative companies for you, as well as the understanding from scientific research.

This Check was developed as a self-assessment tool and a mutual practice standard agreed upon by all OM-Partners.

These are the topics of this Check:

  1. Healthy Company (Strategy)
  2. Healthy Working Environment
  3. Healthy Organisation
  4. Healthy Management
  5. Healthy Togetherness (Company Culture)
  6. Healthy Behaviour