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Check „Success Through Innovation“ (OM-Praxis A-3.2)

Business Potential Analysis for SMEs


Products and services must meet the changing requirements of the evolving market. They are refined through day-to-day activity of companies, often in response to feedback from clients. Further development happens in a controlled process of modernization in which companies develop new

products and services in targeted and systematic way.

The Check "Success Through Innovation" contains several suggestions on how to facilitate innovative processes at a company. The Check helps to stimulate and empower employees to bring forward their ideas. It also increases the awareness of new, successful products, services and processes. Also, it enables a more systematic approach to using opportunities for innovation.

This Check was developed as a self-assessment tool and a mutual practice standard agreed upon by all OM-Partners.

These are the topics of this Check:

  1. General Conditions for Innovation
  2. Promotion of Internal Innovation Capability
  3. Using External Innovation Potential
  4. Creating Incentives for Innovating
  5. Integrating Generations into the Innovation Process
  6. Managing Innovation Processes