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INQA-Check „Human Resource Management“ (OM-Praxis A-2.1)

Self-Assessment of Leadership Skills and Preparedness for Demographic Changes


The INQA-Check „Human Resource Management" (OM-Praxis A-2.1) contains many suggestions for good staff management. It helps motivate employees and give them opportunities to achieve good results. The Check also helps to support employees, so that they can work for the company in a healthy and enjoyable manner.

The control points describe good practices in human resource management for successful companies. They help determine the need for action. The actions to be taken according to the control points that can be recorded in the action plan (back cover). Some actions concerning certain control points are also suitable for demonstrating employer attractiveness in the area of marketing.

This Check was developed as a self-assessment tool and a mutual practice standard agreed upon by all OM-Partners.

These are the topics of this Check:

  1. Staff Planning
  2. Staff Development
  3. Staff Recruitment
  4. Methods of Motivating Staff
  5. Good Work Atmosphere
  6. Internal Communication as a Management Task
  7. Targeted Involvement of Diverse People
  8. Employer Attractiveness
  9. General Attitude Towards Employees
  10. Explaining and Communicating Values and Principles
  11. Knowledge of Own Strength and Weaknesses as a Manager