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INQA-Check „Knowledge and Skills“ (OM-Praxis A-2.4)

Self-Assessment of the Use of Knowledge Potential in the Enterprise


The shelf-life of knowledge has been significantly reduced due to rapid development in IT. The increasing digitalization of work (i.e. Industry 4.0) will make such changes proceed even faster. Companies need to acquire or develop new knowledge at an increasing pace. At the same time, given demographic developments in Germany make it increasingly difficult, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises, to quickly acquire competent specialists with future-oriented knowledge and skills required in the company.

The INQA-Check “Knowledge and Skills" helps companies to systematically create, control and develop their knowledge and skills. It is based on basic modules of organizing knowledge and skills. These modules correspond to the elements of good knowledge and skills management.

This Check was developed as a self-assessment tool and a mutual practice standard agreed upon by all OM-Partners.

These are the topics of this Check:

  1. Establishing Goals Concerning Knowledge and Skills
  2. Identifying Knowledge and Skills
  3. Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills for the Company
  4. Development of Knowledge and Skills for the Company
  5. Disseminating Knowledge
  6. Appropriate Use of Knowledge and Skills
  7. Preserving Knowledge and Skills
  8. Assessment of Knowledge and Skills